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EMR Without Borders is a web application that offers a complete cloud-hosted solution that runs in a web browser on desktop computers as well as many portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The EMR WB system enables providers from multiple disciplines (medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology and social work) to create, share and maintain records of patient care that are standardized (using controlled vocabulary, ontologies, semantics, syntaxes, and international standards). It also provides real-time access to knowledge-based decision support systems at-the-point-of-care, and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use intuitive interface, that is accessible anywhere from any platform (PCs, Mac, tablets, and smart phones), anytime, using Cloud computing.

EMR WB system allows providers to better address health issues based on systematic documentation, interoperability, information exchange and transfer of clinical–epidemiological information among primary care and hospital settings around the world.

With this innovative approach to information sharing, practitioners have reported that EMR WB helped them facilitate storage and sharing of clinical, epidemiological and treatment data, using global and country-level logistics information that was updated, easy to access, and reliable. A post-exposure EMR WB use evaluation indicated a measurable, positive effect on provider satisfaction compared with a previously used, paper-based record system.

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